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Manufacturing to meet your needs

The advantage of dip molding is its scalability.  Each piece of tooling typically makes one component per cycle.  The more tooling we make and run per cycle, the more parts can be manufactured in a given period of time.  This allows us the ability to cost effectively run a small number of parts for a new project, then produce more tooling to meet your production needs as a project grows.

We manufacture components of all quantities and physical sizes:
- One-off components to millions of pieces annually
- Small tubing connectors and castings to dip coating large metal components



Allow us to help you bring your idea to life!

We can start with your sketch and concept to develop 2D drawings and 3D models using SolidWorks. The development process includes modeling how to manufacture the part at the scale you require.  We will use the size of your project to determine the most cost-effective approach to production.

Once modeling is completed, we can generate sample prototypes and sample tooling or molds.  Prototyping components can utilize a large number of materials including plastisol/plastic/vinyl, silicones, and epoxies.  Final production tooling is typically metal.  Depending on the scope of your project, you will receive samples from a small production run to signoff prior to starting production.  Utilizing our in-house machine shop and materials lab allows for rapid scaling from model to manufacturing.


Machining Services

Our on site machine shop is primarily dedicated to building and maintaining tooling and our processing equipment.  However, sometimes plastisol is not the best medium for prototyping or your product requires additional components made of metal or other materials.  Our machine shop can perform mill work, lathework, laser etching/engraving, and metal bending for many projects.  We use all of these capabilities in our daily operation and can offer these services to our customers as a value add.